2015-16 Master Schedule
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Day Time Sport   Opponent
Sat151:00 PMVolleyball @ Florida National University
 Ave Maria Tri-Match
Sat155:00 PMVolleyball @ Ave Maria University
 Ave Maria Tri-Match
Tue187:00 PMVolleyball vs. College of Coastal Georgia
 Opening Night 2015
Fri2111:00 AMVolleyball @ Bryan College
 Bryan College Invitational
Fri215:00 PMVolleyball @ St. Catharine College
 Bryan College Invitational
Sat229:00 AMVolleyball @ Viterbo University
 Bryan College Invitational
Sat223:00 PMVolleyball @ Indiana Wesleyan University
 Bryan College Invitational
Fri41:00 PMVolleyball vs. Xavier
 Fairfield Inn and Suites Mariner Invitational
Fri47:00 PMVolleyball vs. Bryan College
 Fairfield Inn and Suites Mariner Invitational
Sat53:00 PMVolleyball vs. Saint Thomas University
 Fairfield Inn and Suites Mariner Invitational
Sat57:00 PMVolleyball vs. Bethel College
 Fairfield Inn and Suites Mariner Invitational
Fri118:00 PMVolleyball @ Bethel University
Sat123:00 PMVolleyball @ Martin Methodist
Mon14 Men's GolfDay 1 - Coastal Georgia Fall Invitational
Mon14 Women's GolfDay 1 - Coastal Georgia Fall Invitational
Tue15 Men's GolfDay 2 - Coastal Georgia Fall Invitational
Tue15 Women's GolfDay 2 - Coastal Georgia Fall Invitational
Fri187:00 PMVolleyball vs. Loyola University
Sat192:00 PMVolleyball vs. University of Mobile
Fri257:00 PMVolleyball @ Dalton State College
Sat263:00 PMVolleyball @ Faulkner University
Mon28 Men's GolfDay 1 - Thomas University Fall Invitational
Mon28 Women's GolfDay 1 - USCB Shark Shootout
Tue29 Men's GolfDay 2 - Thomas University Fall Invitational
Tue29 Women's GolfDay 2 - USCB Shark Shootout
Tue297:00 PMVolleyball vs. Brewton-Parker
 Faculty and Staff Appreciation Night
Fri2 Men's Tennis vs. TBA
 Coastal Georgia Fall Invitational
Fri2 Women's Tennis vs. TBA
 Coastal Georgia Fall Invitational
Fri27:00 PMVolleyball @ Georgia College & State University
Sat3 Men's Tennis vs. TBA
 Coastal Georgia Fall Invitational
Sat3 Women's Tennis vs. TBA
 Coastal Georgia Fall Invitational
Sat312:00 PMVolleyball @ Brenau University
Sun4 Men's Tennis vs. TBA
 Coastal Georgia Fall Invitational
Sun4 Women's Tennis vs. TBA
 Coastal Georgia Fall Invitational
Fri9 Men's Tennis @ TBA
 Mercer Invitational
Fri9 Women's Tennis @ TBA
 Mercer Invitational
Fri97:00 PMVolleyball @ Loyola University
Sat10 Men's Tennis @ TBA
 Mercer Invitational
Sat10 Women's Tennis @ TBA
 Mercer Invitational
Sat101:00 PMVolleyball @ University of Mobile
Sun11 Men's Tennis @ TBA
 Mercer Invitational
Sun11 Women's Tennis @ TBA
 Mercer Invitational
Mon12 Women's GolfDay 1 - Thomas University Fall Invitational
Tue13 Women's GolfDay 2 - Thomas University Fall Invitational
Fri167:00 PMVolleyball vs. Dalton State College
 80s Night and Mariner Fest
Sat172:00 PMVolleyball vs. Faulkner University
 Mariner Fest
Mon19 Men's GolfDay 1 - NAIA Men's Golf Fall Preview
Tue20 Men's GolfDay 2 - NAIA Men's Golf Fall Preview
Wed217:00 PMVolleyball vs. Webber International
Sat245:00 PMMen's Basketball @ South Georgia College
Mon26 Men's GolfDay 1 - Dave Adamonis Sr. Invitational
Mon26 Women's GolfDay 1 - NAIA Women's Golf Fall Preview
Tue27 Men's GolfDay 2 - Dave Adamonis Sr. Invitational
Tue27 Women's GolfDay 2 - NAIA Women's Golf Fall Preview
Tue277:00 PMVolleyball @ Brewton-Parker
Fri30 Men's Tennis @ TBA
 ABAC Invitational
Fri30 Women's Tennis @ TBA
 ABAC Invitational
Fri3012:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ TBA
 Brewton-Parker Tournament
Fri302:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Voorhees College
 Brewton-Parker Tournament
Sat31 Men's Tennis @ TBA
 ABAC Invitational
Sat31 Women's Tennis @ TBA
 ABAC Invitational
Sat3112:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ TBA
 Brewton-Parker Tournament
Sat312:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Morris College
 Brewton-Parker Tournament
Sat312:00 PMVolleyball vs. Brenau University
 Dig Pink
Tue37:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Edward Waters
Wed47:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Middle Tennessee
Thu55:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Carver Bible College
Fri6 Men's Tennis vs. TBA
 Coastal Georgia Invitational II
Fri6 Women's Tennis vs. TBA
 Coastal Georgia Invitational II
Fri67:00 PMVolleyball vs. Bethel University
Sat7 Men's Tennis vs. TBA
 Coastal Georgia Invitational II
Sat7 Women's Tennis vs. TBA
 Coastal Georgia Invitational II
Sat72:00 PMVolleyball vs. Martin Methodist
 Senior Day
Sat75:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Thomas University
Sat77:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Thomas University
Sun8 Men's Tennis vs. TBA
 Coastal Georgia Fall Invitational II
Sun8 Women's Tennis vs. TBA
 Coastal Georgia Fall Invitational II
Tue107:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Georgia Southern
Thu12 Volleyball @ TBA
 SSAC Tournament
Fri13 Volleyball @ TBA
 SSAC Tournament
Fri135:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Mercer University
Sat14 Volleyball @ TBA
 SSAC Tournament
Sat144:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Carver Bible College
Tue177:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Erskine College
Wed185:30 PMWomen's Basketball @ Armstrong State University
Fri205:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Martin Methodist
Fri207:30 PMMen's Basketball vs. Martin Methodist
Sat212:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Bethel University
Sat214:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Bethel University
Fri276:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Lee University
 Thanksgiving Classic
Sat282:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Paine College
Sat284:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Valdosta State
 Thanksgiving Classic
Tue15:30 PMWomen's Basketball @ Georgia Southwestern State University
Tue17:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Edward Waters
Sat12 Men's Basketball @ North Florida
Mon145:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Thomas University
Tue1511:00 AMMen's Basketball @ Georgia Regents University
Thu176:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Reinhardt University
Sat192:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Lindsey Wilson
Sat194:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Carver Bible College
Sat23:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Blue Mountain College
Sat25:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Blue Mountain College
Mon46:30 PMWomen's Basketball @ William Carey University
Mon48:30 PMMen's Basketball @ William Carey University
Thu75:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. University of Mobile
Thu77:30 PMMen's Basketball vs. University of Mobile
Sat92:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Loyola University
Sat94:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Loyola University
Mon117:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Erskine College
Sat163:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Martin Methodist
Sat165:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Martin Methodist
Mon186:30 PMWomen's Basketball @ Bethel University
Mon188:30 PMMen's Basketball @ Bethel University
Thu215:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Faulkner University
Thu217:30 PMMen's Basketball vs. Faulkner University
Sat232:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Auburn University Montgomery
Sat234:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Auburn University Montgomery
Thu285:30 PMWomen's Basketball @ Brenau University
Thu287:30 PMMen's Basketball @ Dalton State College
Sat302:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Middle Georgia State College
Sat304:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Middle Georgia State College
Tue21:00 PMMen's Tennis vs. Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
Tue21:00 PMWomen's Tennis vs. Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
Thu41:00 PMSoftball vs. Truett-McConnell College
Thu4Game 2Softball vs. Truett-McConnell College
Sat61:00 PMSoftball @ Saint Thomas University
Sat6Game 2Softball @ Saint Thomas University
Sat62:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Brewton-Parker
Sat64:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Brewton-Parker
Sun712:00 PMSoftball @ Keiser University
Sun7Game 2Softball @ Keiser University
Mon8 Men's Golf vs. SCAD Savannah
Thu112:00 PMSoftball @ Edward Waters
Thu11Game 2Softball @ Edward Waters
Thu115:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Brenau University
Thu117:30 PMMen's Basketball vs. Dalton State College
Fri121:00 PMSoftball vs. University of Pikeville
Fri12Game 2Softball vs. University of Pikeville
Sat132:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Middle Georgia State College
Sat134:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Middle Georgia State College
Mon15 Men's GolfDay 1 - Coastal Georgia Winter Invitational
Tue16 Men's GolfDay 2 - Coastal Georgia Winter Invitational
Wed171:00 PMSoftball vs. University of South Carolina - Beaufort
Wed17Game 2Softball vs. University of South Carolina - Beaufort
Fri19 Men's Tennis @ TBA
 SSAC Roundup
Fri19 Women's Tennis @ TBA
 SSAC Roundup
Sat20 Men's Tennis @ TBA
 SSAC Roundup
Sat201:00 PMSoftball vs. Wesleyan College
Sat20Game 2Softball vs. Wesleyan College
Sat202:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Brewton-Parker
Sat204:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Brewton-Parker
Thu256:30 PMWomen's Basketball @ Faulkner University
Thu258:30 PMMen's Basketball @ Faulkner University
Fri261:00 PMMen's Tennis vs. Middle Georgia State College
Fri261:00 PMWomen's Tennis vs. Middle Georgia State College
Sat2712:00 PMSoftball @ Truett-McConnell College
Sat27Game 2Softball @ Truett-McConnell College
Sat273:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Auburn University Montgomery
Sat275:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Auburn University Montgomery
Sun281:00 PMSoftball @ Emmanuel College
Sun28Game 2Softball @ Emmanuel College
Tue11:00 PMSoftball vs. Edward Waters
Tue1Game 2Softball vs. Edward Waters
Wed2 Men's Basketball @ TBA
 SSAC Tournament
Wed2 Women's Basketball @ TBA
 SSAC Tournament
Sat51:00 PMMen's Tennis vs. Webber International
Sat51:00 PMWomen's Tennis vs. Webber International
Fri114:00 PMSoftball @ Martin Methodist
Fri11Game 2Softball @ Martin Methodist
Sat121:00 PMMen's Tennis vs. Dalton State College
Sat122:00 PMSoftball @ Bethel University
Sat12Game 2Softball @ Bethel University
Thu171:00 PMSoftball vs. Talladega College
Thu17Game 2Softball vs. Talladega College
Fri18 Men's GolfDay 1 - Oglethorpe Invitational
Fri18 Men's GolfDay 1 - Embry-Riddle Eagle Invitational
Fri18 Men's Tennis @ TBA
 SSAC Roundup
Fri18 Women's Tennis @ TBA
 SSAC Roundup
Fri181:00 PMSoftball vs. William Carey University
Fri18Game 2Softball vs. William Carey University
Sat19 Men's GolfDay 2 - Oglethorpe Invitational
Sat19 Men's GolfDay 2 - Embry-Riddle Eagle Invitational
Sat19 Men's Tennis @ TBA
 SSAC Roundup
Sat19 Women's Tennis @ TBA
 SSAC Roundup
Sat191:00 PMSoftball vs. Blue Mountain College
Sat19Game 2Softball vs. Blue Mountain College
Sun20 Men's GolfDay 3 - Oglethorpe Invitational
Tue221:00 PMSoftball vs. Thomas University
Tue22Game 2Softball vs. Thomas University
Wed301:00 PMMen's Tennis vs. Warner University
Wed301:00 PMWomen's Tennis vs. Warner University
Thu311:00 PMMen's Tennis vs. William Woods University
Thu311:00 PMWomen's Tennis vs. William Woods University
Fri1 Men's GolfDay 1 - Golfweek NAIA Spring Invitational
Fri11:00 PMSoftball vs. Brenau University
Fri1Game 2Softball vs. Brenau University
Sat2 Men's GolfDay 2 - Golfweek NAIA Spring Invitational
Sat22:00 PMSoftball @ Middle Georgia State College
Sat2Game 2Softball @ Middle Georgia State College
Sun3 Men's GolfDay 3 - Golfweek NAIA Spring Invitational
Wed61:00 PMWomen's Tennis vs. Indiana Wesleyan University
Fri81:00 PMMen's Tennis vs. SCAD Savannah
Fri81:00 PMWomen's Tennis vs. SCAD Savannah
Fri84:00 PMSoftball @ University of Mobile
Fri8Game 2Softball @ University of Mobile
Sat92:00 PMSoftball @ Faulkner University
Sat9Game 2Softball @ Faulkner University
Tue121:00 PMSoftball @ University of South Carolina - Beaufort
Tue12Game 2Softball @ University of South Carolina - Beaufort
Wed131:00 PMMen's Tennis @ Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
Wed131:00 PMWomen's Tennis @ Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
Fri15 Men's GolfDay 1 - SSAC Men's Golf Championship
Sat16 Men's GolfDay 2 - SSAC Men's Golf Championship
Sat161:00 PMSoftball vs. Auburn University Montgomery
Sat16Game 2Softball vs. Auburn University Montgomery
Sun17 Men's GolfDay 3 - SSAC Men's Golf Championship
Fri22 Men's Tennis @ TBA
 SSAC Tournament
Fri22 Women's Tennis @ TBA
 SSAC Tournament
Sat23Game 2Softball vs. Brewton-Parker
Sat23 Men's Tennis @ TBA
Sat23 Women's Tennis @ TBA
Sat231:00 PMSoftball vs. Brewton-Parker
 Senior Day
Tue24 Men's GolfDay 1 - NAIA Men's Golf National Championship
Wed25 Men's GolfDay 2 - NAIA Men's Golf National Championship
Thu26 Men's GolfDay 3 - NAIA Men's Golf National Championship
Fri27 Men's GolfDay 4 - NAIA Men's Golf National Championship