Coastal Georgia Student-Athlete Questionnaire

Coastal Georgia Student-Athlete Questionnaire

The following provides information on prospective student-athletes at College of Coastal Georgia to be used for their individual bios on the athletic web site.

  • General Information

  • Name *
  • Hometown Address *
  • CCGA Address *
  • CCGA Phone Number * - -
  • Cell Phone Number - -
  • Parent's Address (if different from your hometown address above)
  • Parent's phone (land line or cell phone will suffice) * - -
  • High School Information

  • College Information (for junior college and other college tranfers only)

  • Non-Scholastic Information (Club, recreation, etc.)

  • Personal Information

  • I authorize the release of the above information to news media and for the promotion of the athletic program at Coastal Georgia (information such as phone numbers and addresses will not be released)

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